DH&A Office @ Hubli

Project details

DH&A Office @ Hubli

The office space sits in a compact 33 x 50 site in a residential area. The design approach was to have something unique and unlike the usual, a more rugged, rustic and raw in nature finish. It was clear as to what we wanted as a working space and which would help us indluge more with co-ordination. This helped us to design spaces that are connected without intermediate walls.

The abstract division of space is restricted only to the Principal architect's chamber to provide privacy. Landscaping has been brought in along the inner periphery of the working space to make one feel connected with nature. The walls and the ceiling have been left unplastered to achieve the rawness and minalism which was the main approach.

The building hosts mixed use of spaces as the ground and the first floor is the main office space and the second floor hosts a prayer hall. Pine wood has been used to break the monotony of the concrete unfinished appeal in the interiors. The false ceiling has been designed in pine wood in linear form and the same design has been followed as a partition for the work space.

There's continuity and flow of design from the inside to the outside as the same grey concrete colour has been used along with brick cladding and pine wood as the major elements on the facade. The builidng stands tall in appearance and compliments the trees surrounding it.

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